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Missouri Property Owner Association is dedicated to uniting and supporting real estate investors, landlords and industry entrepreneurs.  Dedicated to strengthening the business of Missouri housing providers through our local chapters and grassroots legislative efforts.

Real estate investment and entrepreneurship have been time-tested to be an honorable profession and a realistic way to achieve personal wealth and financial freedom.

The biggest threat to the housing industry today in our country is over-regulation in the form of increased taxes, fees and licensing and in the form of burdensome laws and ordinances that make private investment in the ownership and renovation of properties less attractive to the average person and our current housing providers.

Please take action TODAY!

  • Please don’t be the frog
    In the News: Oregon Rent Control

    ” We just want Landlords to register,” they said.

    “We just want to do a few inspections,” they said.

    “We just want to amend eviction regulation,” they said.

    “We’d rather you let us pick your tenant,” they said.

    And now “We’d just like to tell you how much you can charge for rent and screw with the month to month tenancy regulations.”

    WAKE UP PEOPLE – sure what your city council might be proposing seems simple and harmless enough, just fill out the form and pay the small fee.

    Then it’s a bigger fee. Then it’s a regulation that starts affecting your profitability. Maybe a regulation that you could in accidentally violate and get fined and thrown in jail. (Yes they want to throw you in jail folks because you are harming your renters.)

    In Missouri – it’s starting

    First its registration regulations so they know who the landlords are. Then it will be inspection regulations to make sure your house is perfect. On the horizon, we see Section 8 as a protected class. We see evictions taking months as they make them harder for the landlord to complete. And as all these new regulations start hitting and rents increase even more, well we see a move toward rent control and your city or state.

    Just because rent control is not allowed right now in Missouri does not mean they will not try to repeal it. We need to be ready.

    If every landlord in the state of Missouri were to join Missouri POA at a cost of $99 a year, we would have a decent war chest to fight these regulations as they come down. Our friends on the Ilinois state line are already fighting rent control at a pretty penny as well as our friends in Oregon and we see it coming to Missouri next.

    “Oregon housing squeeze sets stage for statewide rent control”

    Please take action now:
    1. Join or start your own local landlord or real estate investor group in your city and help them keep watch and attends city council meetings.

    2. Join Missouri POA just go to MissouriPOA.org – its only $99 a year.

    3. Volunteer to be an active board member of Missouri POA or a Committee Member and help us take action.

    4. Please don’t be the frog in the boiling pot of water and not realize YOUR the soup till its too late.


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  • Time for Renters to Organize
    In the News: Kansas City: “Evicted” Researcher Organizing for Battle

    The researcher Tara Raghuver who researched all the evictions in Kansas City that ended up in the book “Evicted”

    She found in her research “42 people per business day are evicted through the formal process alone,” she says. “That doesn’t account for all the evictions that happen outside of the courts and with no data to represent them.” But she failed to bring the data to actually show WHY the eviction was filed in the first place.

    She says its time for Renters to Organize because
    “Poor folks, workers, people of color can still afford to live in Kansas City and for the most part haven’t been totally displaced,” she says, “but if we wait five years to make a bold intervention, they will be displaced.”

    This is very important to all people, everywhere because this movement to penalize the landlord is happening in every city. Its much easier to say that the landlord is the problem from the way they maintain the property, to the way they evict tenants, to how they screen tenants, to the income sources they accept to how much rent they charge. Just watch what is playing out in Oregon to see whats happening.


    Don’t wait till its too late, we have a battle coming in Missouri and if we don’t all come together – Landlord Organizations, Real Estate Investor Organizations, Realtor Organizations, Property Manager Organizations, Apartment Owner Organizations and the Property Owners themselves.

    Our goal here at Missouri Property Owners Association is to bring together everyone so when the time comes, we have funding to hire the lobbyist and to mount the fight. (Join Today)

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